Frequently Asked Questions


Please feel free to contact us at any time with any further questions you may have!

What is your role as A dj?

The term “DJ” is misleading in that it gives the impression of only focusing on music and dancing. However, the DJ is much more than that. We serve as the orchestrators and day of planners for your event so you don’t have to. We utilize close collaboration and coordination with other vendors and professionals to ensure your event runs flawlessly. We provide emcee service to guarantee guests are always informed of upcoming events. Finally, we apply our knowledge of music and deejay song mixing techniques to entice guests to enjoy themselves and dance!


Resonance DJ Services strives to be a local, Tri-City area wedding specialist working closely with other industry professionals. While we love all events, weddings are our passion and make up the majority of business booked through Resonance DJ Services. However, we also are happy to provide services for non profit organizations, bars, nightclubs, birthday parties, corporate events and school events.

Do you provide volunteer services?

Giving back to the community is a major commitment by our brand. We encourage the opportunity to volunteer and get involved with the local community. We are happy to discuss any opporutnity that we may be able to assist your organization with.

HOw Would You Define Your Style?

Our entertainers focus on providing a professional, “gimmick-free” event with class and sophistication. Our goal is not to be the center of attention as it is your speical day to shine. Rather, we utilize our emcee skills to provide your guests with clear announcements as decided by you while maintaining an engaging, enthusiastic environment.  Our true passion is the art of getting people dancing and we keep the dance floor packed through a variety of disc jocket techniques such as beat matching, proper song selection, and genuine enthusiasm.

What style of music is your forte?

The beauty of being a deejay is being able to seamlessly blend all times of music genres and tempos to keep the party going. While we typically play Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B, and rock, we cater to any musical preference. We do not limit oursevles to one genre or era. We have love for all types of music and the joy it brings to indiviudals. Whatever your musical preference, we can meet your needs for your event.

Can I be involved in the music selection process?

We highly encourage your full input for music selection as it is custom tailored to your specfic event. Our musical knowledge allows us to provide suggestions when you feel stuck or overwhelmed. We provide personally developed top song request charts for ceremony music, dinner music, speciality dances, and open floor dancing. We also utilize “must play” and “do not play” lists developed with you to further refine the list you are looking for. 

What additional Services do you provide?

Our goal is to make your event special. If you have a vision, we will strive to make that a reality through industry contacts. In addition to professional audio, we provide our clients with custom dance floor lighting tailored specifically to your event to enhance the experience for your guests. We also provide uplighting services to to enhance the elegance of your event. Custom monograms can be developed and showcased on the wall or dance floor for the duration of your wedding or event. Furthermore, photobooths and backdrops can be provided via special request.

What is Uplighting?

Uplighting is the single handed best way to add elegance to your event. For a fraction of the price of normal decor, you can instantly add a wow factor to any room that is sure to impress your guests. Uplighting allows you to accent or highlight specific features of the venue architecture or sections of your event you would like to draw attention to. It is also common to perform a “color wash” of the facility in which all walls are covered in a lighting color of your choice. Often, the color washes are matched to the color theme of the wedding or event. 

What is meant by custom dance floor lighting?

Dance floor lighting promotoes participation in group dancing at your event.  Our dance floor lighting combines professional grade lighting fixtures with customized programming to your preference. We are unique to the area and utilize revolutionary new technology that synchronizes each lighting fixture to the beat of each individual song of your wedding playlist. We do not rely on random, built in programming and sound recognition methods as it takes away from the indivdualism and uniqueness of your event. Each song is programmed based on the tempo and music style. In addition, this assists your photographers and videographers by providing the appropriate lighting for every moment they capture. Our intelligent, powerful moving head lights can provide spotlights for first dances or grand entrances.

How wIll I know who my DJ will be, and how do I book that DJ for my event?

Currently, Resonance DJ Services only utilizes one DJ as we are a newly founded, growing company.

Do you have backup equipment?

We pride ourselves in reliability and accountability. It is our opinion that while highly unlikey to experience a major equipment failure, we will not take that chance on one of the most important days of your life. We strive to uphold our brand reputation for reliabity. It is for that reason we carry a full set of backup equipment at all times to guarantee your event will continue regardless of any sudden tehcnial issues.

Is Resonance DJ Services Licensed and insured?

Resonance DJ Services is fully licensed in all Tri-City, WA area cities and carries liability coverage up to $1,000,000 per event.

How do i guarantee my event date?

Once you’ve initially completed a contact form on our website, we may provide you with a few follow up questions to gain some more details on your event. This will assist us in determining your vision and entertainment needs. We will provide you with a contract for your review prior to meeting the DJ and place a couresty 5 day hold on our calendar. Your DJ will contact you directly to schedule an in-person or phone call no-obligation consulation to answer questions and discuss your vision.  Once you’ve met your DJ and agree to book Resonance DJ Services, you’ll sign the contract and provide us with a 25% non-refundable down payment. After that, you are all set!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We prefer cash, check, or Venmo, but can accept debit and credit cards as well. However, use of a card will incur a 3% additional service charge.

What is your policy for travel?

Our travel policy is clearly identified in our contract. In essence, there is no charge for events within 30 miles radius of Kennewick, WA. events outside of this will incur a $0.25 per mile charge in addition to other travel expenses that may be required.